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6. May, 2022

06.05.2021 Here is a little poem for the weekend.


Päike paistab, ilm on soe. Video jookseb ümber poe . A little verse from Estonian poetry. We wish you all a warm & well deserved weekend . Besides, some new music has appeared from us & we're happy to share a Read more

06.05.2021 Here is a little poem for the weekend.2022-05-06T17:30:12+03:00
7. Feb, 2022



Good fresh start for the week. The weekend has passed & with some eventfulness it's sometimes good to remember, what is worth well to remember. Much strength & determination for everybody on this upcoming week. Stay strong & be well

1. Feb, 2022

01.02.2021 Today is silence


The boy's were discussing an idea of what should the news for today be and we have come to an understanding that it's okay to not have new's every day. Some days are more quiet than others. Peace out.

01.02.2021 Today is silence2022-02-01T18:43:22+02:00
31. Jan, 2022

31.01.2021 Back on track with the same pace.


January was a very eventful & fast month. Things are moving forward how they are suppose to. Had a bit of a hangover, now things are back to normal. https://youtu.be/wHIYK-ENjSk

31.01.2021 Back on track with the same pace.2022-01-31T15:04:59+02:00
31. Jan, 2022

31.01.2021 In case of a total blackout.


The meeting point incase no communication for 72 hours, the coordinates for the meeting point are as follows: 46°14'10.4"N 6°00'32.0"E All the best for the upcoming week to everybody.  

31.01.2021 In case of a total blackout.2022-01-31T15:01:20+02:00
24. Dec, 2021

24.12.21 A quiet evening.


To those we love and see each day and other loved ones far away, to all good friends who mean so much and those with whom we’re out of touch… Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming Read more

24.12.21 A quiet evening.2021-12-24T19:44:17+02:00
19. Dec, 2021

19.12.2021 “14×30” is here !


If you haven't had the chance yet to check out a song from Chapter II called "14x30", then here it is. It is sometimes good every now and then to do some math. It's good for the brain. Have a nice Read more

19.12.2021 “14×30” is here !2021-12-19T22:39:33+02:00
14. Dec, 2021

14.12.2021 Beloved Tuesday


Monday the 13th passed with interesting new beginnings & ideas that will bare fruit in the near future of 2022. Stay tuned my friends. Pinx had an operation & now he's got some metal in his leg. Well done doctors ! Read more

14.12.2021 Beloved Tuesday2021-12-14T20:38:12+02:00
13. Dec, 2021

13.12.2021 I need a medic !


Our mate Pinx had a little accident involving a wheelchair and the floor. Sadly the floor won and medic's had to rush Pinx to the hospital because of a broken leg. Healthy & quick recovery !

13.12.2021 I need a medic !2021-12-13T23:43:09+02:00


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