24. Dec, 2021

24.12.21 A quiet evening.


To those we love and see each day and other loved ones far away, to all good friends who mean so much and those with whom we’re out of touch… Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming Read more

24.12.21 A quiet evening.2021-12-24T19:44:17+02:00
19. Dec, 2021

19.12.2021 “14×30” is here !


If you haven't had the chance yet to check out a song from Chapter II called "14x30", then here it is. It is sometimes good every now and then to do some math. It's good for the brain. Have a nice Read more

19.12.2021 “14×30” is here !2021-12-19T22:39:33+02:00
14. Dec, 2021

14.12.2021 Beloved Tuesday


Monday the 13th passed with interesting new beginnings & ideas that will bare fruit in the near future of 2022. Stay tuned my friends. Pinx had an operation & now he's got some metal in his leg. Well done doctors ! Read more

14.12.2021 Beloved Tuesday2021-12-14T20:38:12+02:00
13. Dec, 2021

13.12.2021 I need a medic !


Our mate Pinx had a little accident involving a wheelchair and the floor. Sadly the floor won and medic's had to rush Pinx to the hospital because of a broken leg. Healthy & quick recovery !

13.12.2021 I need a medic !2021-12-13T23:43:09+02:00
13. Dec, 2021

13.12.2021 Monday the 13th


We've reached another Monday , congratulations. Soon holidays are upon us & time to cheer. A little food for thought, it's good to keep an eye on your surroundings whilst traveling . Especially for black cats. Peace out.

13.12.2021 Monday the 13th2021-12-13T15:26:53+02:00
10. Dec, 2021

10.12.2021 Close to the end


And the first week of December is over , bringing us co close to the end of this heck of a year called 2022. We wish a nice Friday evening and a smooth weekend to all of. you ! Fight some Read more

10.12.2021 Close to the end2021-12-10T21:09:49+02:00
9. Dec, 2021

09.12.2021 Exciting action in Lichtenstein !


There has been a robbery in the small country next to Li Our boys are right now being questioned about the situation if they have seen anything weird recently. But sadly, there is just not much to share with the law Read more

09.12.2021 Exciting action in Lichtenstein !2021-12-09T22:12:06+02:00
8. Dec, 2021

08.12.2021 Check out the Chronicles


The Band Chronicles on Youtube is a great source of information. We highly recommend taking a look at those short videos to find out more about California Condor ! Happy holidays everybody Peace out

08.12.2021 Check out the Chronicles2021-12-08T21:05:37+02:00
7. Dec, 2021

07.12.2021 New music video coming shortly


Howdy folks ! Our music video for the song "Illuminator" will be released soon. It has been re-edited about 3 time's since it's been shot but now we have word that at the end of this week we shall receive the Read more

07.12.2021 New music video coming shortly2021-12-07T18:51:36+02:00
6. Dec, 2021

06.12.2021 Recent activity in South America


California Condor keeps continuing to spread it's music through South America. In about 2 weeks time, close to 20 station's spread our sound in 4 different countries so far. Thing's are getting exciting. We wish everybody a great start for this Read more

06.12.2021 Recent activity in South America2021-12-06T18:00:29+02:00


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