5. Dec, 2021

05.12.2021 Food for thought


“Happiness and freedom begin with one principle. Some things are within your control and some are not.” Epictetus Wish you the best for the upcoming week. Success & strength for everybody !

05.12.2021 Food for thought2021-12-05T19:07:51+02:00
3. Dec, 2021

03.12.2021 We just spoke with Santa


And the Holiday Season has begun ! California Condor wishes many celementines and glühwein for everybody ! All the best for you & your loved ones at this time of year ! Peace out !

03.12.2021 We just spoke with Santa2021-12-03T19:51:12+02:00
2. Dec, 2021

02.12.21 Incase of a total blackout


Good day ! When the internet should shut down or the power go away and we have no contact for 13 hours. The meeting point for this week will be on these coordinates. 47°46'56.8"N 7°23'18.0"E -Peace out-

02.12.21 Incase of a total blackout2021-12-02T13:04:44+02:00
30. Nov, 2021

30.11.2021 California Condor reaches South America


Great stuff ! Some smaller local radio stations have taken a liking to our music & are interested in hearing more about us. California Condor has made it's first landing in Colombia, Argentina & Brazil. Peace out !

30.11.2021 California Condor reaches South America2021-11-30T16:29:25+02:00
24. Nov, 2021

24.11.2021 Update in the shop


We just released a new T-Shirt in the shop. Thanks to our agreement , the prices have become more pocket friendly. Good health & stay strong everybody.

24.11.2021 Update in the shop2021-11-24T22:09:12+02:00
24. Nov, 2021

24.11.2021 Our Shop up and running.


Good day ! We've dealt with the situations regarding our shop's payment's & shipping situation and everything is fully operational.  You can also order directly from our WhatsApp store & Customer Service number +34653026597 Stay strong & rock on. Peace out.

24.11.2021 Our Shop up and running.2021-11-24T18:13:39+02:00
23. Nov, 2021

23.11.2021 Today you can see “Immortal”


Good day ! We are releasing today the video shot for "Immortal" Just a reminder to you. Def and Rage, Illuminator and CALIFORNIA CONDOR are trinity. Same spirit.Same band. Peace out.

23.11.2021 Today you can see “Immortal”2021-11-23T12:46:29+02:00
22. Nov, 2021

22.11.2021 In case of a total blackout


If there should be a black out and no contact within 13 hours the meeting point will be on these coordinates. 46.236968960313746, 6.010248432404391 Stay strong & peace out.

22.11.2021 In case of a total blackout2021-11-22T22:13:01+02:00
22. Nov, 2021

21.11.2021 Clouds are misty


Tonight is a very "cloudy" day in cloudy France next to Geneva. We wish a nice , relaxed Sunday for everybody. California Condor sleeps with one eye open. Peace out.

21.11.2021 Clouds are misty2021-11-22T01:37:44+02:00


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